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The Chef Startup will provide you with an exquisite venue that will be selected by our expert team taking into account the style of your menu and the identity of the restaurant or venue. You will have access to all agreed amenities, front of house setup and service staff. This will be your night, so all menu items will be of your own choosing and delivered in the manner in which you intend it to be served.

At the end of the showcase, you will take home a percentage of the ticket sales as well as the margin required to cover the stock costs (should you choose that option in the proposal). 

In addition, we offer a series of services incorporated into the proposal that will allow you to make the most of the night – photography, marketing, logistics or even an influential food critic coupled with a write up to further build your private portfolio. 

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The Details

Restaurant, Hotel or Venue

The Chef Startup offers a unique evening that will be a comfortable extension of your quality and identity as a Restaurant, Hotel or Venue. 

Beginning with a straight forward consultation process, we will work with you to identify how we can host a fantastic night that will fill your restaurant on an otherwise quite night, or encourage the guests to stay the night and improve occupancy. Hosting a different style of food or something unique and interesting, could serve to draw more prospective guests to your property, that otherwise would not have had the nudge to explore. 

We will ensure the restaurant is present in all marketing facets of the pre-event build up and actively assist in blending the amazing identities of both the Venue and the Chef. 

The Chef Startup will work closely with the Restaurant, Hotel or Venue to structure a mutually beneficial proposal that will ensure elements such as staffing, utilities and other costs are covered by the ticket sales or factored in with the setup of the evening. Stock is generally covered by the chef, with beverage and non menu items  taken as normal sales kept by the venue. We have a variety of options and are open to discuss a bespoke proposal should any sponsors be involved.

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Portfolio Content & Marketing

In addition to the opportunity to showcase yourself we will also be offering a selection of marketing and portfolio building add-ons and packages. 

Popular package add-ons include:

 – Professional photographer

– Social Media and e-mail database boost

– Event portfolio template and content

– Food critic or blogger to attend and a write up

– Logistical organisation of  managing stock for the evening

– Access to our sponsorship partners for food pairing or theme specific evenings

– Graduate or student practical training and pre-placement experience events


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