The Details

The Post House will provide you with an exquisite venue in the countryside of the Overberg every Wednesday night. You will have access to all amenities, waitering and service staff. A fully stocked cash bar will be available for your use. Incidentally, the pub is well-known for the Bells Whiskey advert (“Give that man a Bells”) and was also Greyton’s original Post Office.

At the end of the showcase you will take home a percentage of the ticket sales. 

In addition, a renowned food critic will be invited for the evening. This will give you the opportunity for a professional evaluation and will hopefully guide you in the right direction for your future success.

The hotel is available to guests who would like to make it a weekend affair while enjoying a magical and delectable night hosted by yourself.

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Recruitment & Marketing

In addition to the opportunity to showcase yourself we will also be offering recruitment and marketing assistance.

The recruitment service will involve one of our professional recruitment agents assisting you with finding a position at a restaurant.

Our experienced marketing team will assist you with marketing your new restaurant and/or concept from conception to completion. You will have the opportunity to consult with our team at any time.

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